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You probably already know you can build residential pools specifically for lap swimming. Lap pools are built more or less the same way as other backyard pools and usually chosen by people for whom fitness is of more interest than recreational swimming (though there's no rule against tossing in an inflatable lounger and floating around in a lap pool).

One of the nice things about lap pools is that they require less water than most recreational pools. Their straight, simple design also complements most architectural styles.

If you're thinking of having a lap pool built, you will want to make sure you have the space first. Lap pool measurements run around 40-75 feet long (you need 75 feet if you want a standard 25 yard pool, though), 8-10 feet wide, and at least 3 feet deep.

If you want a pool that is suitable for playing as well as swimming laps (but don't want to build a YMCA sized pool in your backyard), you can incorporate a lane into your pool plans from the beginning. L-shaped pools are popular choices for creating a lap lane as well as a wider play area (at the bottom of the L).

Tip: Don't forget about stairs when building a lap pool. They need to be incorporated into the design so they don't interfere with your swimming. You can extend a section of the pool to add stairs, which can be designed to create a decorative feature in what is essentially just a long rectangle. A ladder is also a possibility; trying building the ladder recessed into the side way so it doesn't get kicked.

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This article was posted on March 05, 2005
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