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Katchakid Pool Barrier

In big city such as Phoenix, Arizona a permit is needed prior to installing outdoor swimming pool barrier. Some of the pool barrier requirements include:

  • The top of a barrier should be at least 60 inches above finished grade (exterior side of barrier).
  • The maximum gap between the bottom of the barrier and finished grade shall be two inhes. For a solid base grade, such as concrete, the gap may be four inches.
  • If a barrier is constructed with horizontal members less than 54 inches apart, such members must be placed on the interior side of the barrier.
  • Decorative barriers mush be located at least 54 inches from any exterior object that could be used to climb the protective barrier.
  • The owner will ensure that the entire barrier is maintained. No section may be altered or removed except to reconstruct, repair or replace the barrier.
  • Barrier openings are restricted to one and three quarter inches.
  • If chain link fencing is used as a barrier, it must be eleven gauge or greater.

Please call the Maricopa Planning & Development Department for a complete and updated pool barrier requirements at: 602-506-3301

Why buy a swimming pool net?

Every parent knows the real worry of having open water near. The sad fact is we could lose one of our children in just 30 seconds. Pool fences are great security but what if the gate is left open? What if the child climbs over? For a pool alarm to be activated the child is already in the water. With a pool net all those fears fade away. We have never had a drowning with a correctly installed Katchakid pool safety net.

Katchakid is the original pool safety net system. With now over 30 years experience in this field we lead the pool safety net industry worldwide. Every system, every innovation, every advance within the pool net business, that we have seen, has been a Katchakid development. At the same time as we welcome more children being protected, by having more pools netted, we feel we must warn against inferior reproductions of the Katchakid. A net is not just a net and your child's life is at stake with a poor quality imitation.

A Good Katchakid Swimming Pool Safety Net provides added protection for child water safety.

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